MJ Feed Mill Systems is an industrial software manufacturer. We are developing and supply advanced turn-key automated systems for the manufacturing industry for all phases of the transformation process.

Find the right MJ SYSTEM for your industry

Feed Mills

We have designed a Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) for the food and feed manufacturing industry.

Grain / Soya

We focus on constantly improving the features of our software to meet the increasing requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s manufacturing industry.


Automated system controls are a key part and are not subject to human error or failure.

Pavers /  Precast

Our product enables our customers to maximize efficiency, profitability, and sustainability.

Before MJ system

After upgrading to MJ SYSTEM


Reduced down time

The MJ system can detect various equipment malfunctions, which makes troubleshooting easier.

Increased production output

On average, the MJ automated feed-mills gain 5 to 20% in production capacity, due to various process optimizations (smarter control).

ERP and accounting system integration

Custom integration with various ERP systems to eliminate paperwork and double data entry.

Reduced labor cost

They can focus on product quality and maintenance instead of focusing on the production process.

Improves energy efficiency

Smart equipment usage allows automatic shut down idle equipment to reduce energy consumption and mechanical wear.

Worker safety

The MJ system can be combined with safety systems or PLCs in order to protect the workers from moving equipment.

Reduced rework and waste

Good batching precision and smart process control reduce or eliminates material scrapping or shrink quantity.

Technical Assistance

At MJ Systems we know that downtime due to a defect can make a tough day.

We are confident of the quality of our systems and their ability to detect equipment misbehavior during production. 
All incidents are dealt with 24 hours, 7 days via remote connection. 
We keep track of every event and every activity associated with it. 
We guarantee you rigorous monitoring and continuity of personalized services.